Create your Wikipedia page yourself – A simple guide

About Wikipedia:

The platform known as Wikipedia is by far the largest online collection of information and knowledge that has ever been put together in one place before. This online collection of information belongs to every possible topic that one can think off and there are a total of roughly fifty thousand pages that get published on Wikipedia on an everyday basis.

Wikipedia is a well-known platform that not only is famous for providing information but is also popular because the information available on Wikipedia is very reliable and comes from trustworthy sources and is authenticated by references and citations.

Uses of Wikipedia pages:

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that was basically aimed at providing information and knowledge to people belonging to every corner of the world. But as time has went by the uses of Wikipedia pages have also seemed to be increasing. Nowadays, in the digital era where the world interacts more on the platforms provided on the internet rather than face to face, the usefulness of being visible on a platform as reliable as Wikipedia has its perks and benefits.

Many business organizations have been interested in using Wikipedia as a tool to increase their credibility and visibility by being present on Wikipedia and have succeeded in making themselves more credible in not only the eyes of their target audiences but also their investors. Many business organizations have also been noticed to use Wikipedia to increase their ranking on google search results and have been observed to be using Wikipedia pages to increase their web traffic as well. All in all Wikipedia has not only proved its worth as an information source but has also been tried and tested for its prowess as a tool that can used for marketing purposes by business organizations all over the world.

Looking at the advantages of Wikipedia pages, as mentioned before, many business organizations have been very keen to be present on Wikipedia so that they can also benefit from the platform. Many businesses choose hire professional Wikipedia page creation agencies or companies while others prefer to learn how to create a Wikipedia page themselves. For all those individuals who are interested in learning the process of Wikipedia page creation then they can take help from the simple guide from the simple steps that have been mentioned below.

Steps to create a Wikipedia Page:

Step # 1:

The first and foremost thing as a Wikipedia page creator that you need to be concerned about is the fact that you need to be able to track your performance of all the work that you do on Wikipedia and that can only be achieved if you create your account and register yourself on Wikipedia. Once you have registered on Wikipedia, which a lengthy but easy form filling process, only then you should move ahead with the steps ahead.

Steps # 2:

Once done with the account creation process you need to choose a title or a topic for your Wikipedia page. You need to make sure that the title of the page that you have chosen is appropriate i.e meets the notability criteria of the Wikipedia platform and you also need to make sure that the title you have chosen to create your Wikipedia on is something that does not already exist on Wikipedia.

Step # 3:

After you have chosen your topic and have dealt with the complications of the notability criteria, you then need to start and in-depth and extensive research on the topic you have chosen to make your Wikipedia page on. You need to be very sure about the information that you are sharing on Wikipedia and should only be sharing the information that is based on facts and is backed by appropriate and trustworthy references.

Step # 4:

After you have done your research thoroughly you than need to write your Wikipedia article or write for your Wikipedia page. Writing for this platform is when it gets difficult and tricky because there are certain guidelines and policies that need to followed when writing for Wikipedia and in case of not being able to follow these guidelines your Wikipedia page will without a doubt get rejected after the official screening process which is done before the Wiki page gets to become the official part of the platform.

Step # 5:

Once you are completed with the writing of the Wikipedia page it is then highly advisable to check your written content for any possible errors and correct them before you submit your article.

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