Networking Tools that any Electrician cannot Do Without

A toner probe kit is very useful when it comes to tracing wires or cables by sending a signal from one end of a cable and receiving it at the other end. The toner is used to send the signal while a probe is used to receive it. There are many different types of toner probes with many different features.

There are special ones that serve specialized functionality while other multipurpose ones that are useful for many different uses. This is a must-read for those with a requirement to buy tools online. There are many places one can buy cable crimping tool online like from totaleclipse4u.  This article lists many different networking tools along with their applications which every electrician might require.

Essential Networking Tools

There are many types of networking tools and testers that are essential for every electrician. There are many places you can buy such tools including many online stores. One such store is which has a big collection of electrician tools for you to select from.

It is important for an electrician to have the right set of tools, especially when fixing networking hardware or installing a new one. It is essential to get the selection of tools right since the right tool is very important for fixing a network and keeping the downtime as low as possible.

There are many networking tools necessary to perform a job in the right manner. Besides which, an electrician might also require many additional tools to assist him during the process. This can be an additional toolkit, special purpose flashlight, additional cable and many more. A flashlight is very useful, especially when working in a wiring closet or ceiling which can be very dark. Listed here are a few essential tools:

  • Punchdown tool: This tool is also known as the krone tool and is a vital networking tool for any electrician. It is also a useful tool for telecommunications. This is an important tool to have for the purpose of inserting a wire into insulation displacement connectors. This is essential for punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules as well as surface mount boxes. This will usually consist of a handle an internal spring mechanism with a removable slotted blade.
  • Crimper: This is a tool that is designed to crimp a connector to a cable, for example, an RJ-45 connector or an unshielded twisted-pair cable (UTP).
  • Multimeter: A multimeter is one electrical instrument that any electrician cannot do without. It is essential to check both AC and DC voltages and verity continuity of an electrical component. It is also essential to check resistance. It has several settings and hence many different applications from checking if there is a presence of voltage on a circuit to checking your networking cables. It can tell you if there is a short in the cables making it a very useful device when setting up a network or find a fault in one.
  • Toner Probe: A toner probe consists of two parts a toner and a probe. The function of a toner is to send a tone across the cable while the probe is used to make sure a signal is received at the other end. One of the most common implementations of this networking tool is to find the two ends of a cable (beginning and end).
  • LAN Cable Tester: A cable tester is used to test the strength and connectivity of a cable and wired assemblies. It is useful in testing small segments of a networking cable when looking for shorts or if it is not properly attached to the connectors. This is a vital tool for help during cable faults.
  • Loopback Plug: A loopback plug is a connector that is useful to diagnose any transmission problems. This is something that can be plugged either serial or parallel ports and used to cross over the transmit line to the receiver line. This can help redirect an outgoing signal back into the computer for the purpose of testing.

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