Reasons Why Progressive Web Apps Called Future of Apps

Today, a website is not sufficient for any business to increase its audience base, leads, and conversion rates. Even though you have a mobile responsive website, you still need to have a mobile application to target the growing number of smartphone users.

Native applications are of course the most preferred options for several reasons, be its appearance, features, functionalities, performance or anything. But, the major setback of native app development is that it is highly expensive and every business, especially startups can’t afford it.

Progressive web app development emerged as the right option for businesses over a couple of years. Progressive web apps boast of native features, appearance, and performance, apart from being cost-effective.

This is the reason why progressive web app development earned huge popularity among businesses. Before, we discuss why PWA is known to be the future of web applications, let’s discuss here basics.

What is Progressive Web Application?

A progressive web application is an important type of application that is developed by leveraging certain common web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It combines the features of both native and mobile apps and can run flawlessly on different platforms that leverage the standards-compliant browser.

A PWA includes robust and native functionalities that include push notifications, offline support, device hardware access, and lots more. Besides, it also delivers a completely native experience. Since PWA is an important type of website or a web page application, users don’t need to install the app on their devices to use it.

Reasons Why PWAs are Future of Web Applications

As progressive web applications offer almost the same features, functionalities and performance like native applications. And this is the reason why it is called the future of web apps.

We are going to explain here several reasons why progressive web applications are called the future of apps. Take a look.

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No App Store Submission Required

To use a native application, users have to download the app first from the app stores and they then install it on the devices. Developers, on the other hand, also need to take into account various app store submission guidelines while creating native apps.

Once developers complete the app development, they have to then register themselves to submit the app to app stores and wait for approval. The entire process is time-taking and also involves a lot of hassles.

Offline Connectivity

As mentioned above, offline connectivity is another greatest attribute of progressive web applications. It comes with service workers that make better use of Fetch APIs and Cache, which increases the loading capacity of your progressive web applications.

It means that your progressive web application takes less time to load content. It helps users load progressive web applications offline from the home screen. A PWA tends to send important notifications and updates even without an internet connection.

A high speed of your progressive web application makes it highly reliable. The app includes JavaScript and service workers, which run separately from the main web thread. And it lets your progressive web app load quickly, even if you have a poor internet connection.

The credit goes to its caching information that makes progressive web applications very quick and reliable. They are known to have a smooth navigation, animation, and also scrolling to provide a great illusion like a native application.


When it comes to security, it’s one of the major factors that ensure the complete success of your app. If we talk about progressive web apps from a security point of view, it comes with the latest security features like HTTPS for data protection, data duplication, etc.

Today, a large number of websites are developed in HTTPS. So, it’s quite easier to create and launch a progressive web application in a secure environment. It gives customers a complete peace of mind that their every detail is secured and thus they perform online transactions smoothly.

Make Update Quickly

Another great advantage of using PWAs is that developers don’t need to send new builds to the app stores to update their apps. They can easily fix all issues and make the necessary updates without any hustle. Developers also don’t need to separate code base for Android and Apple devices.


Above are several important facts about progressive web applications. These apps are able to cater to the needs of all businesses, irrespective of their nature, types, sizes, etc.

So, if you are also thinking about to develop an app for your business, then you can consider a progressive web application for you. In this case, hiring a progressive web app development agency is the right choice for you.

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