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Everyone wants to Build bigger biceps. But only next time you need to feel in the weight room that their desires are not fulfilled. The one main reasons are that sticking to simple dumbbell biceps curls every time you work out just won�t get the job done.
Your body is very good enough to say what you want to do, so it’s great to force your Biceps to push them out of your comfort zone and force them to blow up in development.
Today, there are many exercises to take out every nerve, bulge, and peak in your biceps muscle, and few people who do not include at least one or two of these in their workouts.

What is the most effective bicep exercise?

Incline Inner-Biceps Curl
This practice also spreads the long head of the biceps. The more horizontal the bench during your workout, the longer the long head of the muscles during the rips.
Incline Inner-Biceps Curl exercise
These are great for adding your isolation workout because they actually separate the biceps muscles!
Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Inline bench position biceps increase the stretch on the long head of the muscle and lock your body against the bench so that you can not cheat excess weight during the rips by rocking backward. An added benefit for hammers is that your wrists and elbows are weaker than stress during other curl rips.
Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl exercise
EZ-Bar Curl
Many people think that EZ-bar curls are the best all-around besides your biceps workout. It impairs both the small and long arms of the biceps muscles and for some people, it is much more comfortable on joints and forehead compared to a straight barbell.
EZ-Bar Curl exercise
Standing Concentration Dumbbell Curl
Concentration curl keeps the arm in the front of the body with a twisted brace and shoulder rotation. Although it reduces the recruitment of long head, it potentially increases the thickness and peak of the biceps by better recruitment of surrounding muscles during your workout.
Standing Concentration Dumbbell Curl exercise
To support your body weight, with your free hand on your off-leg, when you hit failure, you can switch to a hammer hold and burn some additional reps.
Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl
This is definitely one of the most common ways to hit this muscle group. By taking a broad-to-normal catch, you start moving on the shoulder externally, so your upper arm changes its position, causing the biceps to attach to the small head of the muscle.
Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl exercise
During your workout, you can overload the band, chains, or forcing representative by using a partner, which you can not do very well using only the dumbbell.
Regular-Grip Barbell Curl
Excellent. If you have only made this move in your biceps workout, you will still be out.
Regular-Grip Barbell Curl exercise
Of course, you can play with your grip width, which can reduce the problem that some people experience with Barbell, as well as emphasize a different part of the biceps. A narrow grip will emphasize the long head of the muscle, while a wide hold will emphasize the small head of the muscles.
Zottman Curl
In this movement, you catch a dumbbell in each hand and the way you lose weight, in the same way, the palms hold up (above) and a palm down (pronounced), so there is an injury to the elasticity of your elbow!
Zottman Curl exercise
Some of your elbow flexors also work as a supinator, so instead of curl, the wrist and fore-side rotation will load that function during the curl.
Dumbbell Biceps Curl
A classic too! Dumbbells allow the wrist to move freely, so most people adopt a slight rotation of the wrist and move forward in the form of curls, which thicken the muscles group.
Dumbbell Biceps Curl exercise
You can do the exercise that starts with both palms in front of the torso and then moves the movement forward. On the top of the movement, the palms should be forward and the little finger should be more than the thumb for an extreme contraction.
Overhead Cable Curl
This is a great way to practice double biceps pauses on your front while you train. You can make both cables simultaneously, or alternate between weapons!
Overhead Cable Curl Exercise
To begin, set one weight that is comfortable on each side of the pulley machine.
Stand between the two sides and use an underhand grip (facing palms towards the ceiling) to grab each handle. Your arms should be fully stretched and your feet should be parallel to the floor with the shoulder width apart from each other. Your body should be aligned to handle evenly. This is the starting position.
When breathing, gradually squeeze the biceps on each side until you touch your forefinger and biceps.
Hammer Curl
Normally the hammer will be our strongest curl during a biceps workout. The reason for this is that all the flexors of our elbow are actively involved, and the forearm and wrist are in a state of strength. Doing this movement as a concentration curl or precautionary curl (on a preacher’s bench) will reduce the fraud and maximize the recruitment of muscles during exercise.
Hammer Curl Exercise
There are many possible variations for this movement. For example, you can exercise exercises sitting on the back or without a back, and you can do it with alternative weapons; First, raise the right hand for a repetition, then left, then right, etc.
Fat-Grip Hammer Curl
Select two dumbbells, and wrap towels. Another option is to use rubber-grip sleeves. Keeping your upper arms stationary at your sides and your palms facing up, curl the weights.
Fat-Grip Hammer Curl Exercise
Cheat Curl
Choose the most dumbbell you think you can curl and perform, as you had curled the traditional dumbbell, but use the speed up to the power of your hips through the sticking point (half-up, when weights It is most difficult to raise). As soon as you lift, do not bend behind, but rather reach a rhythm where you tilt your torso forward and then complete each of your hips. Close each set of total failure a representative shyly.
Cheat Curl Exercise
Side Curl
Attach them to two bands who face strong objects at the height of the shoulder. Stand among them, and hold one end in each hand. Raise your arms with elbows 90 � – You should feel some tension on the band in this initial situation. Curl the band toward your ears, and hold the contracted position for two seconds. You can also do this practice with cables.
Suspension Trainer Biceps Curl
Face the suspension point of suspension trainer and face handles with palms. Lie down on your back, straight body, and bend with extended arms in front of you. Curl your body up to the handle. Keep your hips straight – do not twist or turn. If you need to make this practice easy, then increase your feet so that you are in a more honest position; If you want to make it more difficult, then raise your legs slightly forward in front of you.
Suspension Trainer Biceps Curl Exercise

How do I get bigger biceps?

Unless you are underweight, you will never have big weapons. No matter how many biceps you curl. To build bigger arms, consolidate and eat a lot, first increase your overall muscles.
Eat More: You need to eat more calories to gain weight. Most people will need at least 3000kcal / day, more people with sharp metabolism will need more. Start eating at least four meals in a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout. Eat your meals at every meal.
Get Stronger: Increase your squat to 140kg / 300lb, increase your bench press to 100kg / 220lb and increase your deadlift to 180kg / 400lb. This will increase your overall muscles.
Take Rest: Muscles relax when resting. Pause your arms, they are small muscles. Check Strong Lift 5 � 5: The routine allows for a lot of rest.
Taking right nutrition is best for your health and fitness. Make sure your diet is good for your workouts. This is the key of bodybuilding.

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